Fully transparent

Being an Association governed by the 1901 Law, the CFAI acts on a non-lucrative basis. Its only role is to recognize the Interior Designer profession, focusing on individual professional skills. It is not a question of qualification under-taking: the institutional, enonomic or financial importance of the candidates’ working structures are not taken into account.

The CFAI is open to any professional French Interior Designer, whatever their origin or membership to any organization. Founded by the CNOA and the SNAI which were soon joined by many members of the educational world, the CFAI defines its own policy and is fully autonomous. Since the year 2000, it has become totally independent from the structures on which it was founded and its board of directors is composed of educational institutions, elected representatives from administrative regions, and various professional associations.

The CFAI recognition committees validate individual professional competence without granting company’s qualification. They do not consider the institutional, enonomic or financial importance of the candidates’ working structures. Made up of architects, interior designers and personalities all of them recognized for their moral, intellectual and artistic qualities, the committees meet several times a year.

Such threefold participation is the best way to avoid narrow corporatism and  “auto-qualification” deviations.
Since it was created, nearly 1200 files have been assessed by the CFAI committees, with the subsequent qualification of 700 professionals. Moreover, after completing their studies, 900 students coming from the schools whose diplomas are recognized by the CFAI have obtained the aptitude design status certificate.